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Sending friends warm wishes for #BastilleDay2021. Like the Fourth of July in the US, this is an international celebration for freedom and human rights.

#Student council at #Dickinson College voted to ban the sale of #Sabra brand #hummus on campus. Unfortunately for this ill willed effort, Sabra is not #Israeli but an American company owned I believe by PepsiCo

On July 1, 1997, when #HongKong was handed over to #China, Jiang Zemin vowed that Beijing will honor Hong Kong’s rights and freedoms, including freedom of speech, freedom of the #press, freedom of association and assembly. Today, Xi Jinping has taken all of it all away.

Top 2 candidates in #Democratic primary in #NewYork for mayor are former police officer and public #Management wonk involved in #garbage collection.

Times reports woman in #Hongkong who visited site where person stabbed Hong-Kong police officer to place flowers was stopped and searched by police, and her personal information taken.

China has abruptly shut down the WeChat accounts of dozens of University based LGBT organizations. An official interviewed in the South China Morning Post said China was trying to stop the spread of identity politics there.

Editorial in #Sweden leading paper: “#China’s ruling Communist party trying to turn whole world in authoritarian, anti-democratic direction — make more like China. The party uses Western openness to undermine West and crush democracy.” Strong words.

#Chinese #antitrust regulators are in the news, now moving against lack of cybersecurity protections by China’s leading #rideshare company and also against merger of a video game company into the dominant video game provider. I think the common view in the US is that this represents the party exerting more control over the private economy, putting uppity businessmen in their place. . Though of course I am not sure, I am inclined to think otherwise. As a student of bureaucracy, this seems to me to be an example of the anti-trust regulator developing independent power to pursue its mission in the context of popular resentment against the super rich. If true, it is a more interesting story, suggesting some pluralism, than the Communist party domination one.

Steve Kelman

Harvard Kennedy School professor, does research on improving government performance. also strong amateur interest in China and learning Chinese

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